Who we are

We are a bunch of digital marketing experts who met at FamilyTraveller.com who felt that we wanted to use our skills to help out others in these crazy times.


In normal times Andrew works at a London based Travel Media Company familytraveller.com. However, with the onset of Covid-19 business has ground to an abrupt halt. As a result of this, on March 20th all employees were furloughed. The government will be paying 80% of the team’s wages for the next three months under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Whilst, we cannot work for familytraveller.com during this time, we are allowed to do voluntary work away from our organisation.


Charles works for ParcelHero.com, and having previously owned London Eating, one of the first UK restaurant guides online, has felt for all the small businesses that have had to close their shops and restaurants during the current crisis and wants to do anything they can to help these venues survive what is an unprecedented time.


We love what we do, we love working together, but right now we can't… so we are regrouping and launching SavingLocal.com to use our skills and help others.

We are all loyal members of our local community both where we live and where we work. We want to ensure that our favourite café, bakery, yoga studio, cinema will be there once life returns to some sort of normality. We know that most of these independent businesses are small (just like us) and many will not have the ability to survive without the cash flow.

We don't make any money off this - in fact it's costing us a bit to do it. It is also taking a lot of time, but we are happy to commit to that.

Please bear in mind we are doing this with all the best intentions.  But, there might be glitches along the way as we move quickly to get support out to as many businesses as possible. If you do see any problems or areas where our system isn't working - please do let us know!

Our Team 

Charles Astwood charles@savinglocal.com
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Andrew Dent andrew@savinglocal.com
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Tony Small, CEO Innocent Packaging tony@innocentpackaging.co.nz

Media Requests

We are more than happy to do interviews for national or local press to encourage more businesses to participate and for more members of the public to buy vouchers. Please contact us at media@savinglocal.com


We would like to recognise the efforts of David Downs and his team in New Zealand. They were the inspiration for this project via their own platform soscafe.nz

How you can help

SavingLocal.com was set up to help local businesses by giving the public the opportunity to buy gift vouchers now, that can be redeemed later.  You can buy vouchers in various denominations and you can buy for more than one business. Each voucher has a unique number and will be checked off by the merchant once used.

This will play a massive part in keeping our favourite small, local business afloat during the lock down.

We want to support the full range of local businesses that are suffering. Everything from cafes, restaurants, bakeries, yoga studios, hairdressers, gyms, nail bars, cleaners. Anyone you rely on in normal times. Help more local businesses by suggesting your local favourite.

So buy a voucher (or two), follow us on social media; spread the word to your friends and family. Importantly, if you don't see your favourite venue on the site, then send them a link, or let us know.

Amplifying impact

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and isolation/shut-downs will affect everyone all over the world. If you are from a different country and would like to set up a similar site to this, please get in touch and we will be happy to share our set-up with you.