How does it work

By signing up to Saving Local you allow us to sell vouchers on your behalf for when you re-open giving you a revenue stream while you are having to close your doors. When we sell a voucher to a user we pass you 100% of the money taken, minus the credit card fees charged (we are currently trying to reduce these as much as possible).

The Vouchers

We email the user with a voucher to use at your shop or venue. When you are able to trade again and a user comes with a voucher you have a few options to validate this. Firstly we are producing an app that you can use on any iPhone or Android device which will allow you to scan the users voucher, whether on paper or their mobile, and validate it live against our database. This will then mark it as used to make sure no fraudulent activity can take place. You can also log into your admin area on and manually enter in the voucher code to check.

Secondly if you don't want to bother with technology you can print out a list of all your current issued codes to paper so you can manually check them against this.

Getting Paid

We will pay each week 100% of the value of the vouchers sold minus our credit card charges and bank charges. These are currently 1.4% + 20p for the credit card fees. So for a £10 voucher you will receive £9.66. We are doing our best to reduce this further for you and payouts will change if we manage to achieve this. We also need to take off 20p per bank transfer to cover the fee we are charged. However this is just a one-off fee each transfer regardless of how many vouchers you sell.

When you go live on our system you can log into your admin area where you can add your bank details on our secure platform for us to use to pay you.