Please find some answers to common questions, if you have any more please contact us, we are happy to answer any of your queries.

Q. What is this

SavingLocal is selling vouchers for shops and businesses that have been forced to shut down because of the Coronavirus crisis. With no money coming in lots of businesses are at risk of not being able to re-open after the shutdown is lifted.

Q. What if the shop closes before I can use my voucher

With the uncertainty in the air at the moment we can't guarantee that the shop won't close down. We are doing this to try and give them the best chance to survive this unprecedented event however if they were not to re-open we are afraid that your voucher will not be valid anymore. We suggest you don't spend any more than you are comfortable to.

Q. How will I get my voucher

After you order the voucher you will receive an email from us with the voucher, you can also print it from the confirmation screen. You can present this to the business when they reopen for the value of the voucher.

Q. How long will the voucher be valid

The vouchers will be valid for one year after issue.

Q. How much do the businesses receive of the voucher

Unlike sites such as Groupon we are passing back 100% of the voucher value to the business, minus the fees we are charged by our credit card providers of around 1.4%. We are actively working on reducing this, if you can help please get in touch.

Q. Are you a legitimate company

Yes we are, we have been set up by two concerned business owners, Charles Astwood and Andrew Dent, you can see our CVs on the contact us page. We have both worked with a large amount of small businesses and owned them ourselves over the years and want to give something back. We aren't taking any money out of this venture and are looking for sponsors to cover all our associated costs. If we don't find these we are funding this out our own pockets.