Corporate Partnerships: How can I help?

The number #1 way to help is to buy a voucher from your favourite place.

However, is being run by volunteers. We specifically need help in the following areas:

Corporate partnerships

If you are a corporate or business and want to provide some financial or other support, we'd be keen to hear from you. We feel there is a great opportunity for big brands to get behind this and provide support. This could be in the form of (part) match funding vouchers, underwrite the risk of businesses not being able to redeem their vouchers? Pay for our overhead costs? Help promote via your own databases and social following?

Promotion and advertising

We'd love to be able to promote more to customers, so if you want to promote then please link to our Instagram or Facebook sites

Or maybe buy us some credits for Facebook or Google so we can buy ads.

If you'd like to help, please email